Totally alive.

So after fighting bouts with the twin scourges of sickness and procrastination, I hereby announce that I am still here.

Quick sketch of the troll Kanaya from MSPaint Adventure’s ongoing epic that is Homestuck.

Trollllllll. Makes more sense in context, really.

As you can tell, I am practically in love with Photoshop’s textured brushes.

Also, for you designers out there, here’s a great link for you if you’re debating on pro-bono work. Note the mom option. This is very important.

Illustration Friday – Warning

She now realized that the sign on the door wasn't a joke...

Quickie for Illustration Friday! Topic was ‘Warning’. Had the idea for a bit, but wanted to get it down fast.

My new haircut. Steph edition.

I’m still here! The past few days I’ve been busy and here’s the reason!

I finally got to updating my webpage so now it’s not some hideous temporary page. Granted it’s a bit simple, but for right now, I’d prefer it that way. I’ll probably try to fine-tune this blog to reflect the color scheme of the site (Or I might not) sometime later but for now, a job well done (in my mind). The main thing was the debugging, though it seems my code survived the W3C XHTML/CSS validator tests so all is well.

That being said, I’m also pleased as punch right now because I got a new haircut today!

Too cute!

Now to work on an image for Illustration Friday!

What’s going on?

Right now in between doing all sorts of productive—albeit boring—things, here’s some art I’ve been doing in my spare time. One is a commission of sorts and the other is fanart, something I haven’t really done in a long while. Heck it’s been a while since I’ve done some illustration. So that’s always nice. It goes without saying which one is which (HINT: The one I’m using reference for is the fanart).

What's going on?

For those curious, it’s the  series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It’s one of those magical girl animes on the same vein as Sailormoon and the like. Except that underneath it’s fluffy pastel surface is a fairly dark deconstruction of the ‘Magical Girl’ genre within anime. Or, for the more internet savvy crowd, what TV Tropes would refer to as a ‘crapsaccharine world‘.

Anyway, expect something substantial soon, since the new theme for Illustration Friday is up as well.


Waffle facts from the internet!

Something I found in my hard drive today. I think I was playing with infographics at the time. And what better way than to use one of my favorite foods?

I’m actually tempted to do it for other foods as well, though most of it will admittedly be bland. Like potatoes. And tea. While I’m not gastronomically unadventurous (How can you when your heritage hails from the land of Balut?), I’ll confess to having not so exciting comfort food preferences.

Either way it makes me crave for waffles right now.